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Affordable Giclee Printing

Are you a digital or traditional media artist looking to start doing quality giclee fine art prints or fine reproductions to sell, but you aren’t ready to invest in massive print runs or a passel of new equipment?
Let me handle your small batch giclee printing.

I’ve been doing fine printing and giclee printing for myself and other artists since 2003.

“As a professional artist I was looking around for a decent solution for
giclee services and Jane Patterson / JEP Photo exceeded my expectations. Ms.
Patterson was very easy to work with, was extremely quick with her
turn-around-times, and has very competitive rates. I am very pleased with
the prints she produced for me. I would highly recommend her printing
services to any artist or photographer in need of high-quality archival art
prints, in either small or large quantities.”

Lynnette Shelley, Philadelphia artist.

Surfaces, Pricing & Technical Details

This is an extension of my personal printmaking setup, so print size currently tops out at 17×22.
A variety of media are available; the UltraChrome K3 inkset is used. All my paper+ink combinations
have been publicly tested for archival standards by the independent
Wilhelm Imaging Research. Since I am oriented towards smaller prints and small
batches, and don’t have the overhead of a storefront, I can keep my prices affordable for emerging artists and still give your work the  individual attention it deserves.

Available surfaces:

  • Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte
  • Epson Velvet Fine Art
  • Epson Ultra Premium Photo Luster
  • Epson Radiant White Watercolor
  • PremierArt Water Color (210 gsm)
  • Inkpress Stretchable Canvas.
  • Other papers available by special request. Some papers may require an additional setup fee or minimum order.

8×10 prints start at $3 (varies by chosen paper).

One-time paper proofing fee per file is $5, which is credited to orders of $30 or more per file.

Minimum first order is $20.

You will get to approve a printed proof before production starts. Contact me for custom quotes.

2012 Giclee Price List

I will mail anwhere in the United States. Deliveries possible in the Seattle area and South Snohomish County.

In the Seattle area, if you would like help setting up a comparable giclee system and workflow,
I am available for tutoring.

Why Giclee?

For digital artists, to make prints your basic choices are Giclee and LightJet (photographic) prints; of the two a properly made giclee will be more archival and give you far more choices as to surface. For
traditional artists, anyone who has tried to stock an art fair booth entirely with originals soon thinks about having good reproduction prints to sell unless they paint REALLY REALLY fast, but investing in large runs of serigraphs or lithographs is usually prohibitively expensive and requires very large editions. Giclee printing is often the most reasonable way to start making quality reproductions. You don’t have to print your entire edition at once AND have a high degree of quality control. This article at is a very useful overview, especially for traditional media artists, though the technical information is no longer accurate.

If you are just getting started with the idea of selling prints of your work, I found Redimat’s “selling art” articles to be invaluable when I was starting out (and they are also fabulous at cutting mats!). For artists interested in the science fiction convention circuit, the SciFiFantasySpace Art Show mailing list is fabulous, both for individual advice and loads of information in the archives.